Zirconium Crowns with attachments

Zirconium Crowns and bridges with individual attachments for removable prostheses provides optimum aesthetic results in the production of removable partial dentures.

For patients with residual dentition, this technique is the ideal alternative to implant-supported dentures, if dental implants are not an option for clinical reasons.

Removable prostheses with individual attachments have been successfully used for decades and combine the aesthetics of ceramic veneer crowns and bridges with the advantages of removable dentures.

They are therefore the perfect solution in cases where aesthetic requirements are paramount.

The advantages of Zirconium Crowns and bridges with individual attachments at a glance:

  • Easily compatible with natural teeth
  • Provides the same aesthetics as ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Ideally suited for the highest aesthetic requirements.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Maximum hold thanks to individually manufactured retaining elements.
  • High level of comfort with optimum aesthetic results